The monumental impact of the AfCFTA has only just begun; the long term potential for 非洲 as a whole and individual markets is slowly being revealed. 目标是把非洲大陆变成一个货物贸易的地区, services and capital can move freely across borders presents unprecedented access to goods and services for all nations..

The agreement brings together 54 countries with a combined GDP valued at USD 3.4 trillion, with the World Bank forecasting intra-非洲n trade to rise from 17% to 81% by 2035. It also presents a wealth of opportunities and optimist growth supported by a rising middle-class and rapid urbanisation.

尽管该贸易协定涵盖了整个非洲大陆, 仍有必要调整市场进入和增长战略. 人口结构的多样性, 国家和区域特定行为, and government investment and private stakeholder engagement must all be considered if Swedish companies are going to make a sustainable, 对市场的长期影响.

Listen to this podcast to get a deeper understanding of the details of the AfCFTA and what impact it is expected to have on key sectors 和基础设施 development and what the best strategies are for both market entry and cross-country growth.